Acting 101 with Lori Evanson

Feb 12 2013


What:  Singing Bootcamp for Actors Who Sing, with Lori Evanson
When:  Tues, Feb 12, 6:30-8:30
Cost:  $20

Do you long to audition for a musical, but find yourself too terrified? Don't know where to even start in learning a song for an audition? Then, this two-hour masterclass is for you!   


In this two-hour session, we will touch on the principles of: 

  • proper breathing
  • posture
  • basic concepts of good vocal production
  • ways to go about learning music

To reserve your spot, contact Lark at education [at], or call 817 754 0231.


"Although I am a professional, award winning performer in New York City I have never taken the time to learn to properly read music. It has always bewildered and somewhat frightened me. Lori's gentle, simple and non-intimidating approach made for a very comfortable and enjoyable class that helped demystify the process. I highly recommend Lori and her method to beginners and seasoned pros alike."

Daryl Glenn, Professional Singer
An award winning performer who has appeared on the stages of New York's finest and most famous cabaret venues including Don't Tell Mama, The Triad, Iridium Jazz Club, The Metropolitan Room and Feinstein's at the Loews Regency Hotel in his own full length productions.

* * *

"I took Lori’s voice class and came away having my expectations exceeded in the most delightful way. I have had a bit of vocal training over the years yet I have always been dogged by shyness and a fear of singing in front of others. I had reservations going into Lori’s class because it was a group setting and the last class would be a recital in front of invited guests. I was so relieved when Lori quickly created a very warm, inviting atmosphere where we all rooted for each other. Our classes were always really fun and they were always was over too quickly (I have never felt this way about singing lessons before!). Lori really helped to free me up and to have the confidence that not only could I enjoy singing, other wouldn’t mind listening to me either! Lori’s impressive background as a singer and teacher allowed her to help all of us get a solid technique under us. As a result, the recital turned out to be really fun and everyone enjoyed performing and cheering each other on. It was hardly the white-knuckle ordeal I’d anticipated. I am very grateful that I took Lori’s class and would highly recommend it to others."

David H. Hofmann, Actor/Singer

* * *

"I absolutely loved Lori's Basics of Music-Reading class! It helped me so much as a performer. I learned a lot about notes, rhythm, symbols, and pitch. I feel more confident now when I look at sheet music, it’s a lot less intimidating than it used to be. I love that Lori's approach is so warm and welcoming, and you can feel comfortable asking her questions without feeling silly. She is patient, and delivers the information in a clear, understandable way. She also takes a sincere interest in each and every one of her students, and is dedicated to seeing them succeed. I highly recommend this class to anyone interested in learning more about music!!"

Jennica Carmona, Actor/Singer/Filmmaker

About Lori Evanson

Recently returned to Dallas after living in NYC for 13 years. Some of her musical credits while in New York include: Sacred Ellington with Jessye Norman for Carnegie Hall, S'Wonderful (An Ira Gershwin Revue) for Astoria Performing Arts Center, and Peg & Lou's Country Music Hour - a show she wrote and produced that featured the music of Johnny Cash, The Carter Family and Stephen Foster. Lori is a classically-trained soprano who teaches the bel canto method. She has a Master of Music in Opera Performance from Oklahoma City University and Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance from the University of Mississippi. Lori is an experienced private and classroom voice instructor, and has taught in New York City.