The Annual Southwest Playwriting Competition

The 8th Annual Southwest Playwriting Competition is pleased to announce the top 12 semi-finalists for this year's competition:

  • To Conceive Gods
  • Scarecrow, Daddy
  • Christian County
  • Clutter
  • Poor Sports
  • Mean Green
  • Moses of the Bulrushes
  • Unfinished Puzzles
  • Charades
  • Arrant Nonsense
  • The Last Night in Popbelly
  • No Sad Songs 

The top 5 will be announced within 30 days, along with which plays will be produced for the 2015 New Play Readings Festival.  No playwrights are listed here, as the competition is still blind.

All playwrights have to have at least 2 years of ties to Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas or Louisiana.  Plays can not have had a professional production prior to the April 2014 submission deadline.   The competition uses a method in which the readers do not know the names of the playwrights before the final results are announced.  

The top selections from our 8th annual contest will be shared with the public during the 2015 New Play Readings Festival:

Our three-day festival features Stage West’s top picks for new, unproduced plays submitted to our annual Southwest Playwriting Competition.  It features favorite local actors and directors as well as talk-backs with the playwrights after each performance.