The Explorers Club

by Nell Benjamin

Directed by Jim Covault

It’s London, 1879, and The Explorers Club is in crisis: a woman is campaigning for admittance; a savage has slapped Her Majesty, inciting a war; the Irish are probably Jewish and a beloved pet snake has swallowed a guinea pig. When an angry English Guard surrounds the club, what’s a gentleman explorer to do? Sit back and enjoy a brandy and cigar, naturally. This is the preposterous premise of Nell Benjamin’s madcap comedy that will have you bending over with laughter!

Audition Dates:  Sunday, Sept 14, 3:00-7:00pm at WaterTower Theatre, 15650 Addison Rd., Addison                                    

Callback Dates:  Monday, Sept 15, 6:00-10:00pm at Stage West, 821 W. Vickery Blvd., Fort Worth

Requirements: Auditions by appointment only! Headshot and resume required. Auditions will involve cold readings from the script. The script is available at S.T.A.G.E. (for members only) or at the Stage West and WaterTower offices.  It is STRONGLY advised that actors read the script prior to auditions!  

Available Roles:   Open to Equity and non-Equity.  All roles are open to all ethnicities.  EMC points may be received for non-Equity performers.  Non-Equity performers are paid for rehearsals and performances. 

Stage West and WaterTower Theatre are seeking 7 actors for their upcoming co-production of The Explorers Club. Seeking 7 men for the following:
(Please note: The roles of Phyllida Spotte-Hume and Professor Walling have been pre-cast.) 

Lucius Fretway – late 20s-30s. A botanist and a man of science. Intellectual and sensible. In love with Phyllida, but naïve in the ways of romance. 
Harry Percy – 30s-40s. An intrepid explorer. Arrogant, self-assured and really quite dim. The pinnacle of Victorian manhood. 
Luigi – Ageless. A NaKong tribesman. Proud of his culture. Very smart and very observant. Must be a strong physical comedian. 
Professor Cope – 30s-40s. An herpetologist. Great friends with Professor Walling. An unassuming man, except for his pet Cobra, Rosie. A perfect Victorian gentleman, well-mannered and enthusiastic. 
Professor Sloane – 60s. An archeo-theologist. Irritable and haughty; he does not like change. Opinionated and often abrasive. 
Sir Bernard Humphries – 40s-50s. Private Secretary to Queen Victoria. Polished, distinguished and refined. The man you send to sort out the unpleasantness.
Beebe – 30s-50s. An explorer. Stoic and resilient. A strong-willed survivor. Was left behind on one of Percy's missions and then joined an order or violent monks and has now returned to the club seeking revenge.           Also plays an Irish Assassin.

Rehearsals Begin:  Monday, Nov 3 at Stage West. Rehearsals at WaterTower will begin Tuesday, Jan 13, 2015.
Stage West rehearsal schedule is Monday through Friday nights 7:00-11:00 (with additional hours during tech week) Saturday 1:00-5:00 and 6:30-9:30.

Performances:  Stage West:  Thursday Nov 28, 2014 through Sunday Jan 4, 2015, Thurs 7:30, Fri/Sat 8:00, Sun 3:00, at Stage West. (no performance on Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, or New Year's Day)
Water Tower:  Friday Jan 16 through Sunday Feb 8, 2015 

TO BOOK AN AUDITION APPOINTMENT: Copy and paste the following link into your web browser: or call 972.450.6277.