Festival of the Kid

This one-of-a-kind play festival uses the top 17 winning entries from Stage West's annual Neighborhood Play Contest and stages them during this 3-day festival. Plays are cast using 30-40 teens from the North Central Texas area (ages 13-19). They are then professionally produced using seasoned designers, directors, and teen actors. Come see the results!

The 2017 Festival of the Kid will take place on the evenings of May 8th, 9th, and 10th. Two performances each evening (6:30pm and 8:15pm.)

Tickets: Free for Stage West Season Ticket holders; $10 per performance for 12 years of age and older; $5 for under 12; 2 and under are free.

Please call 817-784-9378 for more information about tickets, or use our online ticketing link on the home page.


Monday Shows 5/08/17

Sound of Life by Autumn Lanning and Lexi McCarthy
Directed by Rob Bosquez
Cast: Marley Knittle, Tess Dailey, River Simpson

Center: A Dance With Words by Joe Westermann
Directed by Dana Schultes
Cast:  Aaron Snow, Autumn Lanning, Grace Jones, Landra Lee

Plastic Family by Chloe Gilpin
Directed by Andrea Gonzales
Cast: Meadow Simpson, Trinity Aldridge, Luke Knittle, Logan Underhill, River Simpson

Thin Walls by Taylor Snider
Directed by Justin Flowers
Cast: Marley Knittle, Grace Jones, Maya Michalski

Directed by Andrea Gonzales

  • The Norm of Society by Katherine Rocha
    Performed by Candace Cook
  • Quiet by Isabel Garza
    Performed by River Simpson
  • In the Ground by Jociel Sigala
    Performed by Liberty Largen
  • Puzzle Piece by Grace Jones
    Performed by Damon Butler
  • You Know What She Told Me by Katia Ramierez
    Performed by Valentine Thornton
  • Numbers: A Collection of Poetry by Raylene Garcia
    Performed by Damon Butler, River Simpson, Valentine Thornton, Candace Cook, Christopher Howard
  • Never Give up by Fabrice Rutembesa
    Performed by Matilda Flowers
  • Monologue by Amira Vazquez-Chavez
    Performed by Trinity Aldridge
  • Tea Party Tale by Grace Jones
    Performed by Valentine Thornton
  • Talking To the Moon by Jasmine Santillan
    Performed by Trinity Aldridge
  • Dolls by Karris House
    Performed by Liberty Largen
  • Shedding Skin by Alexa Weekly
    Performed by Monologue Cast
  • 4th Grade by Karris House
    Performed by Christopher Howard

Tuesday Shows 5/09/17

On The River by Leah Brooke Davis
Directed by Justin Flowers
Cast: Maya Michalski, Luke Knittle

Museless by Demi Tomasides
Directed by Rob Bosquez
Cast: Autumn Lanning, Candace Cook, Amya Scott

The Story of Caroline Herschel by Madi Thoele
Directed by Jeremy Jackson
Cast:  Autumn Lanning, Meadow Simpson, Logan Underhill, River Simpson

No Wrong Way to Cry by Calliope “Cal” Thompson
Directed by Jeremy Jackson
Cast: Tess Dailey, Seb Archibald, Lexi McCarthy, Marley Knittle, Luke Knittle, Candace Cook

The Legend of Pumpkin Head by Matilda Flowers
Directed by Jeremy Jackson

Cast: Seb Archibald, Tess Dailey, Lexi McCarthy, Candace Cook, Meadow Simpson, Luke Knittle

Wednesday Shows 5/10/17

Privilege by Leah Brooke Davis
Directed by Justin Flowers
Cast: Grace Jones, Lexi McCarthy, Aaron Snow, Christopher Howard, Luke Knittle, Seb Archibald

Secrets by Lauren Brown, Kenzie Harrison, Madison Rangel
Directed by Justin Flowers
Cast: Maya Michalski, Liberty Logan, Grace Jones, Candace Cook, Valentine Thornton, Logan Underhill, Christopher Howard

Target by Brianna Edwards
Directed by Rob Bosquez
Cast: Landra Lee, Jackson Layton, Damon Butler, Valentine Thornton, Seb Archibald, Maya Michalski, Liberty Largen, Jackson Layton, Logan Underhill, Amya Scott

Three by Finn Connor
Directed by Justin Flowers
Cast:  Aaron Snow, Christopher Howard, Damon Butler