Festival of the Kid

This one-of-a-kind play festival uses the top winning entries from Stage West's annual Neighborhood Play Contest and stages them during this 3-day festival. Plays are cast using 30-40 teens from the North Central Texas area (ages 13-19). They are then professionally produced using seasoned designers, directors, and teen actors. Come see the results!

The 2018 Festival of the Kid will take place on the evenings of May 7th, 8th, and 9th. Two performances each evening (6:30pm and 8:30pm.)


Free for Stage West Season Ticket holders; $10 per performance for 12 years of age and older; $5 for under 12; 2 and under are free.

Please call 817-784-9378 for more information about tickets, or use our online ticketing link.

Announcing the casts of our 2018 Festival of the Kid productions!

Monologue: Stuck

Landra Lee

Play: This is Bias 

WNN - Judith Garcia
RNN - Xander Adwell
LCN - Olivia Taylor
LNN - Damon Butler
NWFN - Amaya Scott
Social Media Rep - Ivan Rodriguez
Kassidy - Lexi McCarthy
Screamer - Aiden Allen

Play: True Love: A 6th Grade Experience

Annaliese - Kate Snider
Marley - Ella Schupp
Lucas - Aiden Allen
Mrs. Pauls - Judith Garcia

Monologue: Finally

Amaya Scott

Monologue: (Don’t) Look Up

Judith Garcia

Play: Come Crashing Down

Greg - Griffin Hoch
Jay - Britton Stibira
Abbey - Candance Cox

Play: Conform

Aisha - Breanna Cox
Scarlett - Landra Lee
James - Grayson Oliver
Nurse - Caroline Halstead
Teacher -Trinity Aldridge

Play: Sandbox

Russ - Xander Adwell
Francis - Damon Butler
Manny - River Simpson
Ada - Matilda Flowers
Dee - Autumn Lanning
Kim - Landon Fillingim
Teacher - Maya Michalski

Monologue: Cold

Maya Michalski

Monologue: The Force of Wind

Aryana Valles

Play: The Stars

Cassius - Griffin Hoch
Neveah - Zoe Phillips

Play: Eidolan Entertainment

Clark - Britton Stibora
Dave - Boston Martinez
Bill - Xander Adwell

Play: Until Time Stops

Aralay - Autumn Lanning
Zaia - Emme Ambrose
Ta - Boston Martinez
Carlina - Aryana Valles
Mom – Meadow Simpson
Nyx – Damon Butler

Monologue: The Heart of Art

Autumn Lanning

Play: Get With The Program

Techbox - Maya Michalski
CPU - Carly Black
Hacker - Candance Cox
Fry - River Simpson

Monologue: Cat People

Matilda Flowers

Monologue: The Lemons

Liberty Brown