Neighborhood Play Contest

All North Central Texas area students are invited to write a short play, narrative or monologue for our Neighborhood Play Contest.  Sample themes include: culture, family, social issues, and life struggles or accomplishments. We select as many as 18 plays each year to be staged and performed during the Festival of the Kid in May.  Our winners for 2015 will be announced around the first of February.

The Festival of the Kid is an opportunity to let kids and teens share their experiences through the use of creative writing and character development. PLUS it is 100% free to enter (thank you Arts Council of Fort Worth!) and aligns completely with TEKS standards. Are you a teacher? Contact us for a sample two-week curriculum for a playwriting unit at your school!  

Contest Rules:

WHO:You must be in enrolled in school, grade levels K-12, in North Central Texas.

WHAT: Choose one-

1) A short play- With dialogue and stage directions! 10 -15 pages.

2) A monologue - up to 2 pages - preferably about an event in your life.

3) A poem or a narrative.

WHENEntries must be postmarked or delivered to Stage West directly; the official deadline is December 1, 2014.  Please send to Stage West, c/o Tonya Wilson-Brown, 821 W. Vickery Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76104 and label envelopes with the word “Contest!”  Here's a link to a cover page for your entry which you can print, fill out, and attach.

Important stuff to know:

  • We love true stories!
  • Stories must have a beginning, middle and end.  (*Conflict* is a key component to all good plays)
  • Want to write in Spanish? Type it if you can :)  

IDEAS: Create a play or monologue about something that happened to you. Stories about your dreams and aspirations, friendships, pets, holidays, sports... YOUR LIFE!

For example, you could write about getting your first pair of glasses.  The beginning might be about how you discovered that you couldn't see very well.  The middle could be your experience of getting an optical exam, picking out glasses, etc.  The end would be a specific experience that happened after you got your glasses - such as being able to participate in class, etc.  

Questions?  Contact us at education [at]