The New Play Readings Festival

We are happy to announce the dates for this year's New Play Readings Festival, which are February 20-22, 2014.  Our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will all be presented.  We're also delighted that each play's author will be in attendance for his or her reading, and audiences are invited to stay for a talk-back after the reading!  

Tickets are $10 per reading or $20 for a Festival pass (free for season subscribers).  For reservations, contact the Box Office at (817) 784-9378.  

And - this year we'll also be having a special Playwriting Workshop, featuring Kevin Kautzman (this year's winner) and Larry Herold (2011 winner).  The workshop will be Feb 22, from 4 to 6:30pm. The class is $35 per person, or $25 for students.  Interested? Contact Dana at dana [at] stagewest [dot] org. And here's a link to a downloadable flyer with more info!

First Place 

Dream of Perfect Sleep 

by Kevin Kautzman of Austin, TX, Feb 22 7:30pm

An elderly couple plan their last days on earth through a complex net made up of visiting adult children, ancient greek mythology, and Christmas in July.  This sweet and affecting play marvelously explores life, our expectations of one another and the after-life. 

Directed by Garret Storms, featuring Elly Lindsay, David Coffee, Jessica Cavanagh, and David Meglino

Second Place

Tower of Magic 

by Tess Light of Los Alamos, NM, Feb 21 7:30pm

A young man finds himself caught up in the strange and enchanting world of his prospective in-laws while his fiancé searches her past and present to ascertain her future. Ms. Light’s unique play is infused with magic, beauty and thoughtful observations on life.  

Directed by David Meglino, featuring Jennifer Kuenzer, Clay Wheeler, Bill Jenkins, Linda Leonard, Jonathan Mills, Justin Rhoads, and Carolyn Wickwire

Third Place (Tie)

Typhoid Mary 

by Tom Horan of Austin, TX, Feb 20 7pm

This riveting 3-actor play follows multiple characters in the real-life drama of Typhoid Mary from the turn of the last century.  A unique examination of our country’s past and the question of Authority vs. Individual Rights.

Directed by Chuck Huber, featuring Emily Scott Banks, Mark Shum, and Libby Villari

Fool Me Once

by Harold Smith of Sacramento, CA, Feb 22 2pm

Once jilted at the alter, a young woman just on the verge of healing is suddenly thrown back into a world of lost loves and never-realized romances except this time her list of choices has expanded.  Sweet, simple and effective.

Directed by Justin Flowers, featuring Marianne T. Galloway, Andy Baldwin, Sherry Hopkins, Jeff Wittekiend, and Richard Massey