Hot off the press!

October 24, 2013

Dana's Soup book has arrived! Get your copy today for $19.79

From the introduction:

Back in 2007 when Stage West was nearing the end of renovation and relocation on Vickery Street, Stage West Founder Jerry Russell and I sat down to plan the Ol’ Vic Cafe. Over a two week period, we equipped a kitchen, planned a menu, and hired a staff. The menu would be centered around deli style sandwiches, following Stage West’s first configuration: theatre by night/storefront sandwich shop by day. The menu has evolved over time but the sandwich tradition remains, partnered nowadays with a special soup for each production.

For the first several years, I happily managed the cafe. That meant wrangling staff, ingredients, and entrees, as well as hostessing, table-waiting and – thanks to an innocent, off-handed remark made by Jerry – stubbornly, making every single pot of soup. I made my new obsession fun by setting myself a challenge to never repeat a recipe from one show to the next. I sourced ideas from books and friends and web sites, tweaking each until they were just right.

Thankfully my stubborn streak relented in 2013 upon becoming (with Jim Covault) a Co-Producer at Stage West. At that time, I passed the ladle on to worthy kitchen-mates.

Here at the Ol’ Vic, we have always tried to focus on organic and locally sourced foods, so I can’t help but recommend checking out local purveyors such as Farmers Market Fort Worth, Black Rooster Bakery, and Rahr Brewery for top notch vegetables, baked goods and libations. Enjoy the cookbook and the memories!

-Dana Schultes