Wish List

From Technical Director Nate Davis:

New power drills

Qlab 3 software $1000

Two new computers for our tech booths, one for each theatre  $1000 each


From Executive Producer Dana Schultes:

A new Industrial refrigerator for our cafe $3000

Two iPads for use in our cafe for a Point Of Service (POS) system. This would make a massive impact. $500 each

An Office Volunteer to help me one or two days a week with office stuff such as mailings, filing, date-entry, etc. A huge help! Priceless


And from our Make it Happen board:

We've received funding for 6 Assisted Listening devices for our harder of hearing patrons... now we need a base set/microphones for the theatre. About $2500

Or--you can sponsor costume costs for a show, or scholarships for various classes for students who need assistance--see our board in the Lobby Hall for more!