August's First Tuesday

Aug 2

Kat Dennis guides guests in creating greeting cards with watercolor pencil landscape scenes. 

Kat says:

Want to drink wine and learn a super easy painting technique that will allow you to quickly create a work of art? Yes, I thought so. Come join me! I use this technique to create silly personalized greeting cards as well as framed art! You don't have to be a skilled artist, I promise. This technique will allow you to impress your friends and loved ones, and maybe a few enemies! 

Have something in mind that you'd like to make? Bring your own references! I will have a few fun ideas but you are welcome to bring your own! I reference images on my phone or tablet all of the time when I am searching for inspiration. The sky's the limit. Well, actually, time is the limit but you know what I mean.

You will leave with a new work that YOU created and a starter pack to apply my technique to on your own. I hope you will join me for an evening of wine and watercolor!