Beyond Borders: An Introduction to International Theatre-Making

Feb 15 2020

Saturday, Feb 15, 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Participants will take part in exercises geared towards post-dramatic theatre: a type of theatre that operates outside of the lines of Aristotelian, plot-driven, drama-based work. It uses spectacle (movement, voice, design, puppets, ritual, pageantry) to:
create environment and shift mood
get at the emotional truth  
maximize theatricality to elevate stakes
create dynamic, unforgettable visual moments on stage. 
We will explore versatile tools to create large poetic gestures and unlock a more forceful theatricality. Julie Paucker and Brian Bell met at the German National Theater in Weimar and have been working closely together since. With their combined experience making theatre in Germany, Switzerland, France and America, Julie and Brian will introduce students to new methods of theatre-making and new theatre forms being created in German-speaking Europe.  Julie Paucker will introduce her work as the artistic director of the KULA Compagnie and Brian Bell will discuss the challenges/rewards of being an American stage director in Germany. 

$45 ; Register by Feb 1 to take $10 off.



image: from The hour we knew nothing of each other By Peter Handke