Danielle Georgiou

Danielle is a Dallas-based choreographer, performance artist, and director whose works has garnered critical praise and numerous awards. In 2011, she created a dance theatre company, the Danielle Georgiou Dance Group, which is an ensemble-based performance project that produces original dance plays and musicals. Together with DGDG, Georgiou has created over 50 productions in the past ten years. Recent performance, directing, and choreography credits include: Scrooge in Rouge (Stage West),The Bippy Bobby Boo Show (trilogy) (DGDG/Theatre Three), Stronger Than Arms (Undermain Theatre), Working (Dallas Theater Center), HSTM Awards (Dallas Summer Musicals), Last Ship to Proxima Centauri (Kitchen Dog Theater), Things Missing/Missed (DGDG/Undermain Theatre), The Naughty List (Moonrise Initiative/Stage West), The Children (Stage West), Madame Bovary (Undermain Theatre), The Manufactured Myth of Eveline Flynn (Theatre Three), SolsticeOnce (both Theatre Three), How Is It That We Live or Shakey Jake + Alice (World Premiere, Undermain Theatre), Lonesome Blues (York Theatre/Undermain Theatre), Three Sisters (Undermain Theatre), Adding Machine (Theatre Three).