Kara-Lynn Vaeni

Kara-Lynn is thrilled to return to Stage West. The last play she directed pre-Covid was The Children for Stage West, and this is the first play she has directed since Covid began, and she is really grateful to SW for their intense commitment to the arts and artists. Although most of 2020 is best forgotten, three exciting things that came out of it for Kara-Lynn were:

1. Her play Shape won an NEA Grant, was named to the Kilroys List and she is scheduled to direct it in NY in June 2021.

2. She was named “Best Theatre Director in Dallas 2020” by the Dallas Observer, for which she received a heavy lucite/crystal award with her name on it. She carries it everywhere.

3. She adopted a dog named Daisy Mae and her life is much richer for it.

She teaches Acting and Directing at SMU and Yale Summer Sessions. She’s been “finishing her website” since 2006.