Change the Perception

Sep 12 2018

Change the Perception is proud to partner with Stage West Theatere to host Community Conversation on Wednesday, September 12 from 7-9 in tandem with An Octoroon

Change the Perception's mission is to be an inclusive group of diverse people with a desire to eliminate false perceptions of our neighbors from different cultures, races, orientations and/or social-economic statuses through civil and respectable conversation, fellowship, and activities.  Change the Perception's Community Conversation's approach to addressing this mission is to provide a safe atmosphere for honest, respectful dialogue.  What makes our approach unique is that we allow people to talk TO one another instead of discussions led by 'expert' panels or guest speakers. We divide attendees at each gathering into random small groups and introduce the topic of discussion through a series of starter questions and allow to the dialogue to flow naturally, so that members of each group can talk openly and honestly with one another.  We have found that the ripple effect of these type of conversations is unending because it gives members new insights to old ideologies and provides an opportunity for us to see life through someone else's perspective. Join the conversation at