Festival of the Kid

Get a glimpse into the minds of today's kids at this one-of-a-kind play festival!

Festival of the Kid takes the winning entries from Stage West's annual Neighborhood Play Contest and stages them in a 3 night extravaganza. Plays are cast using 20-30 young people from the North Central Texas area (ages 8-19). They are then professionally produced using seasoned designers and directors. Join us for this celebration of creativity in our community's youth!

The 2019 Festival of the Kid will take place on the evenings of May 6th, 7th, and 8th. Two performances each evening (6:15pm and 8:00pm.)

Tickets are on sale now

Free for Stage West Season Ticket holders; $10 per performance for 12 years of age and older; $5 for under 12; 2 and under are free.

Please call 817-784-9378 for more information about tickets.

FOTK Performance Schedule, 2019

Authors with an asterisk are also actors in the Festival.

Monday, May 6, 6:15 and 8:00 shows 

We have rated this evening PG 13, due to some mature topics.
1. Blonde Hair - Eliana Del Rio
2. Press Conference - Lauren Sphar
3. Hugged by Loneliness - Taylor Watson
4. Booger Brother - Emma Givens
5. Just Friends - Amya Scott
6. Shadowbox Experiment - Lucas Bradanini
7. Undercover Gay - Breanna Cox*
8. Sea of Fire - Emma Richardson & Lilith Correa Hernandez
9. Falling Stars - Destyni Baxter
10. Reality - Annahi Castillo
11. The Final Words of Professor Richard Gribanov - Xander Adwell*

Tuesday, May 7, 6:15 and 8:00 shows

1. Imaginary Friends - Randi Ruppersburg
2. Antonio’s Story - Solomon Alvarez*
3. Multi-Cultural Family - Karina M. Johnson
4. Backwards Love - Alexandra Jackson*
5. The Damaged Ones - Lamont’e Murphy
6. The Hostage - Lauren Chavez*
7. My Super Power - Christian Rincon
8. First Day of School Without You - Sarah Turton
9. So. Much. Pain. -  Breanna Cox*
10. FWAFA Poetry group: Mosquito Man - Brett Martin*, Untitled - Kolby Hribar, Magic w Music - Dael Park, Wonders of the Ocean - Alaina H. Spaltro
11. Robert’s Rules - Grace Sapienza

Wednesday, May 8, 6:15 and 8:00 shows

This is probably the most child-friendly show.
1. Painting in a Different Color - Sophia Zamora
2. Secrets of Us - Natalie Jimenez, Diana Molina & Shuntiera Curry
3. Amazon/Winter Morning - Violet Ervin*
4. True enD - Karim Bernal
5. Creation/Frost - Trinity Aldridge*
6. The Adventures of Spot & Stripes - Garland Goodwin
7. Not Your Average White Girl - Christina Allish
8. N. Crowley Group: Melody - Alan Valdez, Missing You - Antonio Resendiz, Night with a Light -Angel White, Family Full of Bullies - Lauren Mack
9. The Lonely Fish - Anna Moss & Sarah Cung
10. Fairy Tale Secrets - Kate Snyder*
11. Through the Ages - Reagan Lane


Director: Joshua Cox

The Damaged Ones
Ethen Gonzalez
True enD
Aryana Valles
Falling Star
Sam - Tony Simpson
Cameron - Boston Martinez
Riley - Kate Snyder
Gomez - Ulani Gomez
Mom - Genesis Salazar
Doc - Solomon Alvarez 
Press Conference
Adam - Grayson Oliver
Rose - Emmie Ambrose
Marcy - Breanna Cox
Karen - Olivia Taylor 
AJ - Ethen Gonzalez


Director:  Maggie Crawford

The Adventures of Spot and Stripes
George - Xander Adwell
Spot - Rocco Reale
Stripes - Violet Ervin 
Speaker - Aryana Valles 
2nd Self - Genesis Salazar
Blonde Hair 
Trinity Aldridge 
Shadowbox Experiment
Dr. Zeidman - Xander Adwell
Anthony - Corrigan Jones
Booker - Brett Martin


Director: Elizabeth Herrera

First Day of School Without You 
Alexandra Jackson 
Trinity Aldridge
Winter Moon 
Brett Martin
My Superpower 
Brett Martin
Eli - Grayson Oliver 
Azul - Olivia Taylor 
Eli’s Mom - Lauren Chavez 
Azul’s Mom - Aryana Valles 
The Last Words of Professor Richard…
Xander Adwell
Magic with Music
Mia Al Shariff 
Mikey Pesina
Mosquito Man
Tony Simpson 
Wonders of the Ocean
Corrigan Jones 
Corrigan Jones 
Olivia Taylor 


Director: Beth Bando Bontley

Through the Ages 
30 - Trinity Aldridge 
Narrator - Lauren Chavez
18 - Alexandria Jackson
15 - Ulani Gomez
12 - Estefania Fernandez
7 - Mia Al Shariff
3 - Violet Ervin
Booger Brother 
Violet Ervin
Multicultural Family
Brett Martin
Lonely Fish
Rocco Reale
Fairy Tale Secrets 
Olivia Taylor 
Not Your Average White Girl
Emmi Ambrose
So. Much. Pain.
Zoe Rumsey


Director: Taylor Staniforth

Secrets of Us 
Diana - Genesis Salazar
Natalie - Lauren Chavez
Shunti - Breanna Cox 
Backwards Love 
Abby - Breanna Cox
John - Grayson Oliver
Undercover Gay
Melissa - Emmie Ambrose
Imaginary Friends
Fred - Boston Martinez
Harry - Ethen Gonzalez
Genni - Alexandra Jackson 


Director: Rob Bosquez

Just Friends
Vera - Emmie Ambrose
Cari - Breanna Cox
Lila - Genesis Salazar
Brandon - Tony Simpson
Antonio's Story
Antonio - Solomon Alvarez
Andreya - Aryana Valles
Margon - Xander Adwell
Alex - Boston Martinez
White Husband - Tony Simpson
White Wife - Lauren Chavez
Robert's Rules
Kyle - Solomon Alvarez
Gladys - Genesis Salazar
Robert - Xander Adwell
Emery - Breanna Cox
Penelope - Lauren Chavez
Polly - Rocco Reale
Andreya - Aryana Valles 
Night With A Light - Kate Snyder
Missing You - Ulani Gomez
Melody - Mia Al Shariff
Family Filled with Bullies - Kate, Ulani and Mi


Director: Dana Schultes 

Hugged by Loneliness
Zoe Rumsey
Brett Martin
Painting in a Different Color
Girl 1 - Kate Snyder
Girl 2 - Emmie Ambrose
Teacher - Boston Martinez
Librarian - Violet Ervin
Kidbow - Zoe Rumsey
Nanna - Ulani Gomez
Sea of Fire
Demonica - Matilda Flowers
Kendra - Aryana Valles
Elizabeth - Lauren Chavez
Dad - Ethen Gonzalez
Collin - Solomon Alvarez
Asmodeus - Brett Martin