In their private home in Grand Horizons, an independent living community for seniors, Nancy and Bill do their nightly dinner routine - Nancy prepares the food and Bill sets the table. They have been married for fifty years. They sit down for dinner. Nancy says that she would like a divorce. Bill concedes and continues to eat.

Bill and Nancy’s adult children, Ben and Brian have arrived, along with Ben’s very pregnant wife Jess. The sons have called a family meeting to quell the idea of a divorce. Bill begins to gather his things to pack the car noting that he will likely need a U-Haul. Brian demands that everyone sit back down. Amidst the conversation, it is revealed that Brian (who is a theatre teacher) is stressed at work, Bill is taking stand up classes, and Nancy is working on a clothing drive. Since Jess is a therapist, she tries a few tactics to get Nancy and Bill to talk or bond, to no avail. Nancy quickly escapes out the door and Bill escapes upstairs, leaving Ben and Brian looking to each other.

Much later that night, Ben is up working on his laptop and Jess comes to check on him. Ben says that he needs to extend their stay, which Jess is not a fan of - not because she doesn’t care, but because she also has work to get back to and preparation to do before the baby arrives. Ben shares his confusion about his parents’ situation and Jess head back up to bed. After a moment, Ben rushes upstairs after his wife.

Brian enters with Tommy who he met while out getting a drink. Amidst a bit of role-play from Tommy, Brian can’t quite get settled. He expresses his anxieties about his parents getting divorced. Tommy tries to bond with Brian over the situation, but Brian does not think that Tommy understands. Tommy lets Brian know that he thinks that Brian is being a bit selfish. As Brian spirals, Tommy decides that he can’t do this and leaves. Nancy comes downstairs to check on Brian after hearing raised voices. She tells Brian that Bill is having an affair with a woman named Carla who lives in another senior community near the highway. Carla likes Bill’s stand up and thinks he is funny. Brian is reeling and urges his mother to remember a time when she felt loved. Nancy shares a story about her high school sweetheart, Hal, who has since passed. They’d kept in touch over the years, and seen each other a handful of times. One time, after telling Bill she was going to get her hair done, she met Hal for dinner and the night ended up with Hal going down on her. Nancy expresses that her marriage to Bill never had that kind of passion. Brian cringes, and Nancy demands that he listen - she will be a fully dimensional person to him. They wrap up their conversation and Nancy heads back up to bed.

The next day, Bill is packing and practicing his stand-up routine. Ben enters and asks if the U-Haul outside is Bill’s - it is. Ben lets Bill know that that he has talked with Brian, and Brian told him about Bill’s “friend” Carla. Bill denies knowing anyone named Carla. Ben demands that Bill show him his phone, and discovers the “sexts” between Bill and Carla. Bill shares that he does love Nancy as Jess enters. Ben tells Jess that they are leaving and Brian enters. Ben tells Brian that he saw the “sext messages”, and Brian is disappointed that Ben did not follow the plan that they agreed on. An argument between the brothers ensues. Ben is in a state and takes responsibility for being the primary caretaker and provider for the family, while being dismissive of Jess, resulting in an outburst towards her. Nancy enters and says that Bill better get going since he has to return the U-Haul later that day. Bill exits. Ben asks Nancy if she is alright. Suddenly a U-Haul crashes violently through the kitchen wall with the sound of the truck’s horn stuck on.

Nancy is in a new unit at Grand Horizons that looks much the same as the previous one that she shared with Bill. Carla is there. The two women chat. Bill is upstairs gathering a few more of his things. Carla asks if the boys are still around and Nancy says that they won’t leave since the accident. Nancy tells Carla that she likes her scarf and that she is doing a clothing drive. Carla tells Nancy that she sometimes visits a nearby hospice center and just hold the hands of the people there. Nancy wonders if it is awkward, and Carla assures her that most of them are too ‘out of it’ to realize, but that many of them don’t have anyone. The two women talk about the jobs they used to have - Nancy was a librarian and Carla was a receptionist at a dentist’s office - and how as they’ve aged, they’ve become invisible. Nancy asks Carla if she still has sex, and Carla tells Nancy about the convenience of her vibrator much to Nancy’s chagrin and amusement. Nancy shares some information about how to care for Bill. Carla is taken aback at how nice Nancy is, everything considered. Bill calls for Nancy to come and help him, and she leaves to do so. Carla takes off her scarf, leaves it, and goes.

The next day Bill enters on a scooter with a neck brace and arm sling. Brian helps him. Nancy is on her way out and gives everyone the run-down of everything they need to know, from notifying the front desk of an emergency to upcoming physical therapy appointments. Nancy is going to D.C. for a few days to drop items for her clothing drive and to meet women from the charity. From there her plans are to stay in an Air Bnb about 45 minutes away until another unit opens up - Ben helped her find the Air Bnb. Brian is irate. Ben asks Jess for help in navigating the situation, and Jess draws the line - Ben will handle it on his own. As Jess tries to celebrate Nancy’s independence, in spite of the men’s judgement, she begins to take on a defensiveness for Nancy that is actually her own. Brian reveals Nancy’s previous affair with Hal. Bill already knows. Ben feels lied to and betrayed and ashamed and breaks down amidst a fit. Jess leaves to pack her and Ben’s things. Brian is concerned that this is the last time everyone will be together, and goes upstairs to gather his things. Ben and Jess say their goodbyes to Bill and Nancy. Brian re-enters with his things and says that he has an Uber waiting outside. He acknowledges that he is sad and will call his parents later - Nancy watches him leave. Nancy and Bill are alone again. After some conversation about the day they dropped Brian off at college, Nancy removes her ring and leaves it on the table. And so begins a conversation - an honest conversation - between Bill and Nancy about the past and regrets and bitten tongues and the day-in-and-day-out of the lives they’ve lived side-by-side but not together. And by the end, we get the sense that a new beginning is on the horizon