Cruise in a Box: Living Room Cruise Line

Cruise in a Box

Nov 4 2020 to Nov 14 2020

BUY CRUISE IN A BOX – November 4-14, 2020 @ 7pm CST*

Set sail for an unforgettable, high seas staycation on the world's first ever Cruise in a Box! Your ticket doesn't just buy you passage on this not-so-nautical adventure, we'll also be mailing you a special "SHIPment" - filled with everything you'd expect from a luxury cruise liner; plush towels that we'll teach you to transform into animals for your cabin, ocean-scented candles, a little umbrella to shade your favorite tropical drink, and so much more! 

Then, you'll join your Live Virtual Cruise Director for a night of world-class Shipboard entertainment and variety performances as you sail across the globe – all from your own couch!

We have five different performers:

• One of the best sand artists in the world (performed for numerous presidents, popes, kings) – Joe Castillo – born in Mexico
• An insanely gifted singer and lead vocalist on many cruises – Brook Wood
• A comedian and contortionist with perhaps one of the most original acts I’ve ever seen (performed on many tv shows) – Jonathan Burns
• A Canadian magician who is the world’s only sleight of hand artist without any hands (he was born without hands or feet) – Mahdi Gilbert
• A champion flair bartender from the UK named Jumbles.

We are so excited to present this unique, memorable, and relaxing evening to you. Hurry and book your adventure now!

BUY CRUISE IN A BOX – November 4-14, 2020 @ 7pm CST*

Presented by the Adirondack Theatre Festival and Bloomington Playwright's Project; Brought to you by Stage West Theatre: Ticketed live performances that entertain you from the comfort of your home. The first ever of its kind, these experiences include a from-your-couch cruise, hands-on-insane magic shows, an interactive hunt for a criminal, and a “wine and canvas” night gone wrong.  

*If tickets are purchased less than 5 days in advance of the event, we cannot guarantee your box will arrive in time.