Our Mission


To entertain, inspire, and challenge through great live theatre. To offer free and low-cost educational outreach opportunities to the community.


To be a cultural commons for Fort Worth’s art seekers. To continue to push boundaries and burnish our reputation as a world-class regional theatre. To serve diverse audiences who are energized and excited by professional productions created by and featuring artists who reflect the crazy quilt complexion of our community. To create art that offers imaginative insights into the complexities of our shared human experience.


  1. We believe the patron and visiting artist experience come before all else.
  2. We value a balanced mix of programming that challenges through exploration and provocation and entertains through escape and fun.
  3. As a staff, we respect each other and the opportunity to create and share stories together as a team while encouraging individual self-care to prevent burnout.
  4. We seek to always promote a creative atmosphere that finds a way to “YES!”