The Naughty List FAQ


Box office is available Tue-Fri 10am-3pm and Sat 12-5pm as well as 2 hours before curtain. Call 817-784-9378 or email boxoffice [at]
Please allow time for a response to email as we have a small box office staff. 


How can I buy tickets? Visit the ticketing page or call 817-784-9378


What time does the show start? 7pm.

What time does the mall open for seating? 6pm.

What is the runtime? Under an hour. 

What if I would like to watch the show from home instead? Scroll down this page to the Streaming Option. Available for purchase on the ticketing page starting Dec 4. 


Where is the performance? Texas Wesleyan University mall. Though their official address is 1201 Wesleyan Street, we have found that 1205 Wesleyan Street is the better address to use on a GPS to get you to the administrative parking lot. The admin parking area is the best place to park. The performance is outside the library on the university mall in the middle of the campus.

Do I have to pay to park? No. The campus is closed for the holidays during the performances and all parking is open.


Do I have to wear a mask? Yes. All patrons, staff, and performers will be masked. The only time masks can be off are when seated inside a selected seating section and consuming a beverage or food.

What is the check-in process? Please check-in with the box office upon arrival. It will be located between the administration parking lot and the mall. All attendees will be screened for COVID-19 symptoms and will have their temperature checked. 

What do I do if I experience symptoms the day of the show? Please do not come to the performance! Call or email our box office and we will happily reschedule you another performance, if possible, once you have been cleared of any COVID-19 threat.

Is social distancing in place? Yes! Once you arrive on campus, please keep a six-foot distance from all people not in your party. There is plenty of space to spread out.

How did Moonrise Initative stage a safe performance for artists? Before beginning rehearsals and prior to performances, all Moonrise Initiative company members have tested negative for COVID-19. Testing will continue throughout the run. The performance is staged with distancing and masks. Each day's gathering is proceeded with a symptom and temperature check. The performance is movement-based. All dialogue or narrative is pre-recorded for a minimum spread of aerosol droplets. Understudies are in place to cover for any member if they experience any symptoms.


What is lawn seating? Those who wish to sit on blankets may sit in the section closest to the stage. Those who wish to bring their own chairs may sit in the section behind those on blankets. Chairs should never be put in front of ground seating. Chairs may sit along the sides of the seating, if available. Seating clusters are 10' x 10' squares, and are marked by a small flag. Please situate yourself around the flag, so that you and your guests are at least 6' from the next group. This should be an easy mission within the large areas! We appreciate your cooperation in keeping safe. See seating map here


What is the weather policy? If the weather is predicted to fall below freezing before 8:30pm on any given night, the show will be canceled. This will be a call made by 3pm on the day of the performance. If it has recently rained, we recommend bringing a piece of plastic to lay under your blanket for lawn seating. Any layer between the ground and your blanket will provide you with a warmer experience. In the event of a rain-out on the evening of a performance, tickets may be used on another night. We will do all we can to do the performance though.
Please remember to take back home everything you bring to the event! 

Can I bring a blanket? Yes! Bring as much as you want or need to feel bundled and cozy.

How open is the area to the elements? The mall area is wide open and can generate very windy conditions. Plan for it to be really chilly so dress warm, warm, warm for a delightful evening of holiday magic.


Though it rarely gets below freezing in our area, even 50-degree evenings can be very chilly when there is a brisk wind. We recommend dressing in many layers and imagining it will be colder than you anticipate. Seriously! Use the tips below to help you prepare for an enjoyable evening. And if you get out to us and are still cold, visit us at the concessions – we will have handwarmer sets and mylar blankets for sale for $5 apiece.

Choose your fabrics thoughtfully:
FIRST LAYER – This layer is all about wicking away moisture. Select wool, silk or synthetic for against your body. Avoid cotton.
SECOND LAYER – You have a broad range of options, both synthetic and natural. In general, thicker (or puffier) equals warmer.
THIRD LAYER – Finally you’ll want a layer to break the wind or repel any mist. Try to wear a water-resistant/breathable shell: These are more suited to drizzly, breezy conditions. These are typically made of tightly woven nylon or polyester fabrics that block light wind and light rain.
FOURTH LAYER-- Please don't feel that you have to stop at three layers. It is always better to dress with four or five layers and shed them if you get hot than to be cold. Please don't forget your legs either. Longjohns under jeans will make your legs happy, especially with a blanket wrapped around. The performance is so fun! You are going to really enjoy yourself but come prepared so Jack Frost doesn't nip at your nose and toes!

***Don’t forget to carry along a little tote with a knit hat, scarf, gloves and a blanket. It’s nice to have these accessories in case you need them.


Will there be anything for sale? Yes! Stage West’s Lobby Café will have hot cocoa, hot cider, and bottled water along with cookies, brownies, and Cracker Jacks. They will also have mylar blankets and handwarmers available for purchase. All trash should be deposited in one of the many trash cans on site, please.

Can we bring our own goodies? Anything but alcohol. And of course, any sales on site go towards the organizations. Just dispose of your trash after!


When will it be streaming? December 4 - December 31

How do I stream it? For those who purchased the streaming option, a link to a pre-recorded digital copy will be emailed to you at 6pm on the night of the performance you select. That link will be password protected and will be available to you for 24 hours.

Can I share the stream with others? We ask that only households who purchase a streaming ticket have access to the stream in order to ensure the financial integrity of the system while also honoring the work of Moonrise Initiative artists.

What devices can I use to watch it? Any device connected to the internet such as your laptop, smartphone or tablet will work.

Can I watch on my TV? There are a few ways to do this, and most require additional cost at some point.

  • Chromecast Device:  About $30. The device plugs into your TV (be sure your TV has a port for it!). Next download Google Home App on your smart phone or tablet. The app will take you through set up. Need more instructions? Here’s a handy page:
  • HDMI Cable:  Connect your desktop or laptop to your TV using an HDMI cable. Be sure you have any adapters you need to make those connections.
  • Let’s View App: Let’s View is the highest rated free screen mirroring app we could find. Here is a link to the page. Use the Products dropdown for tutorials for various device pairings.
  • To use the Vimeo TV apps:
    • On the web, create a Vimeo account and log in.
    •  Click the video link you want for Vimeo--it will be in the email sent to you prior to the performance.  When the video opens, click the clock icon to add the video to “Watch later” list on web.
    • Open Vimeo app on AppleTV/Fire or Fire TV or Fire Stick and sign in to vimeo account (if you are not already). From the main screen, look for the Watch Later list.
    • Start playing the video on TV from watch later list

My connection is poor. What do I do? Vimeo is designed to automatically shift screen resolution based on the users’ internet connection. We recommend being as close to your WiFi signal as possible while also disconnecting use of the internet on any other nearby devices using the same signal. If you are in a busy usage area, it may be helpful to try to watch at a different time of day when general usage is down.