Stage West presents Romeo & Juliet at Bass Hall

Today and tomorrow, Feb 19-20, Stage West will present the 2020 edition of Romeo & Juliet at Bass Performance Hall as part of their prestigious Children’s Education Program. Since 2007, Stage West has annually taken an abridged classic to the Bass Hall stage where thousands of middle and high school students, free of charge, are bused in to engage in the theatrical experience. 

Our program is an abridged, 7 actor version of Romeo & Juliet by William Shakespeare. Every year, each student receives a synopsis of the play to guide them through the scenes and aid them as their ears adjust to the Shakespearean language. Students from the lowest income districts alongside students from the area’s most exclusive private schools fill the beautiful Bass Performance Hall. No distinction can be made between them as the lights dim and a collective hush consumes the house. They are, to put it simply, completely engaged from start to finish.

All of us at Stage West are proud to be a part of this program and the connection it forms between the students and classic theatrical tales that pass the test of time due to their timeless exploration of our collective human condition. We thank the Children’s Education Program for its dedication to the arts experiences of youth across North Central Texas.

Students from Carter-Riverside high school watch from the wings at Bass Hall. A group of students perform on stage as part of the production.


Tuesday, February 18, 2020


Last night we experienced a pivotal moment in Stage West's history when we broke ground on the first phase of our renovations, kicking off what will result in a landmark contribution to the Forth Worth arts scene. 

Stage West's staff and board were thrilled and motivated by the generosity of the community in funding this first phase. We know the hardest part is yet to come: raising the final 800k for phases 2 and 3. We have faith that the community will rally around, especially after they experience the completed phase 1 renovations, which should be completed by the end of the summer 2020. 

On hand to celebrate were project architect Morris McIntosh and the head of Basecom Construction Inc. Oscar Oaxaca. From the Stage West Board, we saw Larry Anfin (Board President), Randy Thomson (Building Committee Chair), Subie Green and Bronson Davis from our Building Committee, as well as a host of other board members and friends. Executive Producer Dana Schultes headed the gathering.

On hand to celebrate were project architect Morris McIntosh and the head of Basecom Construction Inc. Oscar Oaxaca. From the Stage West Board, we saw Larry Anfin (Board President), Randy Thomson (Building Committee Chair), Subie Green and Bronson Davis from our Building Committee, as well as a host of other board members and friends.

Play a role in Setting the Stage for the future of Stage West and the arts in Fort Worth, make a donation today.

Renderings of renovations slated for Phases 2 & 3: A reimagined Lobby Cafge and Bar, as well as a flexible black box theatre born out of our Studio Theatre.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Neighborhood Play Contest Winners announced 2020

Thank you for your participation in Stage West's annual contest for kids! We have chosen about two hours of material from the 250 submissions we received, which will be performed on two evenings at the Festival in April.

Congratulations to all who submitted. In our hearts, every participant is a winner. We encourage you to continue to create and to write. Your stories matter!

Here are the Winners, whose submissions will be performed at the Festival of the Kid. The Honorable Mention and Semi-Finalist submissions, who won't be performed, follow.

Winners whose submissions will be performed at the Festival:

--Booker T. Washington HS for the Perfoming & Visual Arts, Guinea Bennet-Price

  • Patiance Wiley, "Love is a 4 Letter Word" and "Dear Diary"

--Byron Nelson HS, Wendy Bramlett

  • Jordan Mayo, "There's No Place Like Breakfast Place"
  • Talia Saulsberry, "The Past Haunts"

--Caprock Elementary, Lena Paulauskas

  • Madison Caraway, "Embarrassed"

--Carter Riverside HS, Angela Stidham

  • Emily Paramo, "Sleep Paralysis"

--Ft. Worth Academy of Fine Arts, Lindy Davis

  • Sydney Charlize Collings, "Stop and Smell the Roses"

--Ft. Worth Academy of Fine Arts, Rebecca Magnus

  • Finn Belk, "Tranquil"
  • Chloe Lee, "Four Seasons"
  • Liliane Runnels, "The Chair"
  • McKenna Skipper, "Mountains and Oceans"
  • Alaina Spaltro, "An Adventure with my Sister" and "Stars to Sunrise"

--Grapevine Middle School, David Wilson-Brown

  • Alexandra Allen & Sydney Jay, "Friendship Collides"

--Nimitz HS, Elizabeth Herrera

  • Alexandria McCoy, "Drowning"

--Parkview Elementary, Theresa Davis

  • Kaylee Pierce & Mallory Schmidt, "Lost in Nowhere"
  • Angelina Tran & Aisley Brock, "Area 51"
  • Isabella Wright & Kyra Parker, "Candy Land Catastrophe"

--Rayburn STEAM Academy, David Vaughn

  • Lucian Luna, "Entry Log #1"

--Singley Academy, Seth Johnston

  • Gloria Henriquez, "Scars by tears"

--Timber Creek HS

  • Remidy Dixon, "White Index Cards"

--Trinity Valley School, Larissa Sosa

  • Faith Wormley, "The Trip"

Self Submit Winners:

  • Hannah Bambach, "Stalling"
  • Violet Ervin, "Monday Evening" and "Stories"
  • Melanie Escalante, "Oracion"
  • Aiyana McGarry Fairley, "Pink Truck"
  • Peyton Gatewood, "Amen"
  • Morgan Lott, "Snowfall"
  • Asher Ludwig, "The Tale of the Country Independence Day" and "The Mountains in Autumn"
  • Zander Pryor, "Token Trans"
  • M. Rayne Smith, "The Maiden of the Water and The Bearer of the Wind"
  • Brenda Viera, "It's All In Your Head"
  • Vince Wilson-Brown, "Imagine If You Could Travel in Time"


Honorable Mention-Finalists:

(the Honorable Mention pieces will not be performed at the Festival)

--Applied Learning, Katy Wood

  • Josie Wilson-Head, "Chastity, the Ghost Girl"

--Booker T. Washington HS for the Performing & Visual Arts, Guinea Bennet-Price

  • Julia Hunt, "Chasm"
  • Manon McCollum, "Gold's Gym; Northlake and Buckner"
  • Patiance Wiley, "Decision" and "The Princess"

---Byron Nelson HS, Wendy Bramlett

  • Arissa Cormier, "Monologue"
  • Avery Nagengast, "ICU/I See You"
  • Jordon Pruett, "Untitled"

--Caprock Elementary, Lena Paulauskas

  • Kyran Witten, "Super Boy"

--Carter Riverside HS, Angela Stidham

  • Xander Adwell, "Reset Button"
  • Yasmin Mendoza, "Switch 'N' Dance"
  • Kimberley Ramirez, "Untitled"
  • Aryana Valles & Solomon Alvarez, "Oneshot"

--Ft. Worth Academy for the Fine Arts, Rebecca Magnus

  • Dael Park, "Monologue"

--Grapevine Middle School, David Wilson-Brown

  • Candy Bean & Grace Flowers, "Figure in the Shadows"
  • Ashlyn Cathey, Elena Solano, & Gaby Gonzalez, "The House on the End of the Street"
  • Brooklyn Lynch, "The Mysteries of Existence with Mim and Toby"
  • Samari Stanfield & Julieanne Blake, "She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not"
  • Ace Swenson, "The Play"

--Parkview Elementary, Theresa Davis

  • Brayden Cooksey & Gad Babaka
  • Lonnie Duong & Steven Le
  • Jayden Magana & Carmen Torres

--Timber Creek HS

  • Alyssa K. Annerino, "Refusing to Be Cold"

Self Submit Honorable Mention-Finalists:

  • Larson Nichols, "The Little Match Maker"
  • Tory Rivera, "I Neglected My Child: A Monologue"
  • Brenda Viera, "Huh. That's Classic"



(the Semi-Finalist pieces will not be performed at the Festival)

--Applied Learning, Katy Wood

  • Kennedi Mack

--Byron Nelson HS, Wendy Bramlett

  • Arden Scearce
  • Jake Seale

--Caprock Elementary, Lena Paulauskas

  • Moses Cabrera

--Carter Riverside HS, Angela Stidham

  • Jesus Banucios
  • Isidro Castaneda
  • Erick Garcia
  • Tionda Jacobs
  • Kandice McKlemurry
  • Lizbeth Ortega
  • Brenda Tovar

--Grapevine Elementary, David Wilson-Brown

  • Hamza Ataben
  • Bella Compas & Belle Bryant
  • Hiba Khan
  • Jon H. Nguyen
  • Jessica Turney & Syli Collins
  • Will Walsh

--Ft. Worth Academy of Fine Arts, Rebecca Magnus

  • Ayomide Agboola
  • Emily Franklin
  • Carol Harris
  • Promise Henderson
  • Jaxon Hoover
  • Haylah Larsen
  • Laila Lewis
  • Brett Martin
  • Preston Stout

--Parkview Elementary, Theresa Davis

  • Zane Birmingham & Ben Flanagan
  • Mallory Castino, Baylee Smith, & Aubree White
  • Kimberly Hernandez & Derwin Ford
  • Juan Garza & Joseph Thang
  • Ethan Marquez & Rameen Alam
  • Karen Tran & Brian Luong
  • Aminata Traore & Lily Saner

Self Submit Semi-Finalist:

  • Trevor Turnbow
    Tuesday, February 4, 2020

    Giveaway Winners!

    Congratulations to the Kathy Ingle Household, Kitty Case, and Kendall Nibert. You will each get an extra Season Pass! Happy New Year!

    Wednesday, January 1, 2020

    The Jerry Russell Theatre

    Stage West is pleased to announce the theatre’s main stage space is being renamed the Jerry Russell Theatre, in honor of the organization’s beloved founder and long-time leader, Jerry Russell.

    Stage West was founded on October 18, 1979 by Jerry Russell, on Houston Street in downtown Fort Worth. The first space was a 65-seat storefront theatre next to Russell’s European Sandwich Shoppe. The success of the first production necessitated the merging of the two spaces into a modest dinner theatre seating around 100. Before the end of the second season, Stage West had formed a Board of Directors, and moved to a new 9,000 square foot space at 821 W Vickery, converting the former warehouse into a theatre with a spacious front area. The theatre would remain at this location for ten more seasons, growing its subscription base and professional status.

    Investigating the possibility of owing its own space, Stage West eventually found its way to the old TCU movie theatre at the corner of University Drive and Berry Street. After ten exciting years, the theatre sold that building and moved to the Fort Worth Community Arts Center. In time, the group discovered that its former space on Vickery was still available, and following a four-month renovation, Stage West opened its doors again at the Vickery location. And now, as of January 2018, Stage West officially owns its own building.

    The spirit of Jerry’s original model is still in place. And the group is now expanding and renovating its home to more fully reflect the legacy started by Jerry - a professional theatre destination serving Fort Worth, Dallas, and beyond with innovative and entertaining stories that entertain, inspire, and challenge us, and creating an indelible imprint on the cultural landscape of Fort Worth.

    Temporary signage will be put into place near the entrance to the main stage space, and once the renovations for the current Setting the Stage for the Future are complete, a more permanent treatment will installed. With the naming of the Jerry Russell Theatre, Stage West would also like to announce that naming rights are currently available for the second space (currently known as The Studio) for $400,000.00. This space will undergo extensive renovations in the coming year, complete with state of the art equipment and a flexible seating area with up to 200 seats.

    Wednesday, October 9, 2019

    It's Giving Day Today!

    North Texas Giving Day is an important day in our community! We each get to get up, reach deep, and give to the many essential non-profits in our area who do so much to enrich our lives.

    Here's our page on the Communities Foundation of Texas Giving Day website:

    Matching Funds!
    We have secured a dollar for dollar match with a goal of $35,000.00 from a generous private donor. HELP MAKE THAT MONEY OURS!


    The 41st season includes a wide range of plays from beloved classics to hot, new contemporary plays being showcased all around the nation. Every gift to Stage West makes an impact on our ability to create great live programming that engages, entertains and challenges our community's citizens and tourists to the area. The greatest need is always towards our general operations. Without those dollars, there can be no lights, staff, facility, etc to make the creation of plays possible. We run on a "belt-tightened" budget with each dollar carefully accounted for. All of us at Stage West are proud to be producing in-the-black for over a decade now and to continue that financially responsible commitment to our donors and audiences.

    Your donation supports our upcoming 41st Season of live theatre and educational programming. Stage West serves upwards of 25,000 community members each year and employs over a hundred local artists each season. We consider diversity - with the goal of a wide representation of the many cultures and communities within our region - a top priority. Thought-provoking programming that prompts people to explore outside of their comfort zone while encouraging tolerance and open conversation is at the forefront of season selection process. Beyond that, we want to entertain within a shared environment that brings people from all walks of life together. 

    In addition to our regular programming, Stage West runs over a dozen community outreach programs each year including the Festival of the Kid, the K-12 Neighborhood Play Contest, M.A.D.E.: An Indoor Arts and Music Festival, an annual collaboration with Bass Hall's Children's Education Program, and much more. Inspiring the next generation to explore the arts is a win-win for everyone.

    Stage West is currently in the midst of a $3,250,000 comprehensive campaign to renovation the company's facility - including backstage bathrooms for creative teams and a new flexible black box theatre with audience capacity up to 200. Every dollar that goes to Stage West, now through December 2022, helps fund this campaign and secure/build the theatre's future.

    Monday, August 19, 2019

    Call for Artists and Artisans

    December 15, 2019

    M.A.D.E. for the Holidays! (M.A.D.E. stands for Music, Art, Drinks, and Eats)

    SEEKING: A wide variety of artists and artisans to sell their artwork and goods during the festival. Thirty floor spaces will be available.

    When: Sunday, December 15 at Stage West Theatre 821 W. Vickery Blvd, 11am-5pm. First hour is for Stage West subscribers only.

    What: A Music-Arts-Drinks-Eats festival inside Stage West Theatre’s 16,000 sqft warehouse performance space.

    Cost to Public: Pay What You Can (we kindly suggest $10 per person; kids 12 and under are free.) All admissions are considered donations to Stage West, a 501-C-3 non-profit organization.

    Cost to Participate as a Vendor: $75 per space. Spaces are irregular due to the nature of the facility and may range from 6x10 to 10x12 depending on the spot assigned. Special requests are accepted though not guaranteed. Once invited to participate, vendors have 14 business days to secure space by paying the fee by calling the theatre’s box office at 817-784-9378. Fee is non- refundable 30 days prior to event.

    How to Apply: by September 15, 2019 please send an email to made [at]
    Email must include:

    • Name of artist and business, if applicable.
    • Contact information – email, phone number.
    • Description of all products to be sold.
    • Minimum of 3 photos of products; business logo if available.
    • Facebook & Instagram handles.

    Product samples may be dropped off at 821 W. Vickery Blvd, Fort Worth, 76104, also due by September 15. Offers of space will be made by September 20, 2019. Any spaces that remain open after initial round will be offered by waitlist.

    Stage West will be promoting the event all fall leading up to the date. Participants are strongly urged to heavily promote as well so as to broaden the reach of marketing beyond Stage West’s own audience.

    Contact: Dana Schultes, Executive Producer dana [at]
    817-338-1777 (work) 682-465-4811 (cell)

    Friday, August 2, 2019

    Greening Stage West

    On July 27, 2019, Stage West will open the regional premiere of Lungs by Duncan Macmillan - a two person play that explores the changing landscape of a couple’s relationship as they grapple with the pros and cons of having a baby and the effects of raising a child in a world with ever-dwindling resources. It is both universal and intimately personal.

    In preparing to share this acclaimed new script with our audiences, we have been reflecting on the ways in which we at Stage West can continue to cut down on our environmental footprint.

    Below are a list of ways that various aspects of the organization have become green over the past, ways that we plan to be green by the opening of Lungs, and ways that we are looking to further “green” the organization in the future.

    Ways We Were Green:

    • no plastic drinking straws or stir sticks (moved to bamboo stir sticks)
    • no plastic cups/drinkware (moved to glassware)
    • no plastic cutlery or flatware (moved to silverware)
    • no plastic dessert plates (moved to proper plates)
    • no styrofoam cups/to-go containers (moved to cardboard/paper)
    • when shopping for the cafe, reusable shopping bags are used instead of store grocery bags


    • the shop reuses many materials and keeps stock of commonly used items that are in constant reuse and circulation to cut down on cost as well as unnecessary material use
    • proper disposal of paint, metal, etc. to cut down on impact to the environment


    • refillable hand soap dispensers (hand soap is bought in bulk)
    • Stage West does not have city recycling due to cost, so recycling is taken home with staff members


    • water bottle fountain/water fountain combo installed in 2017 bathroom area renovation


    • for donor gifts/perks and merch, Stage West sourced koozies and tote bags made from 100% recycled materials

    Ways We Will Be Green By Opening of Lungs:

    • no individual/single use creamers for coffee (moving to creamer carafe)
    • no individual/single use sugar packets (moving to sugar container)


    • no paper script for stage management (piloting a new software that allows for a digital calling script)
    • programming Lungs
    • scenic design for Lungs will be comprised of recycled wine bottles and curtains that were already in stock at Stage West

    Ways We Hope To Be Green In the Future:

    • looking into options for sustainable table-coverings and napkins


    • looking into greener/more energy efficient options such as solar panels (ideally donated)

    Facilities (Post-Renovations):

    • air hand dryers to cut down on use of paper towels
    • area in back of building with small garden, plants, trees, etc.
    • Studio Theatre to be fully LED-friendly

    As we are a not-for-profit organization, we would be delighted to accept support and advice from companies or organizations that could help us continue to diminish our carbon footprint. Contact our Executive Producer at dana [at]

    Thursday, July 18, 2019

    Calling all visual artists

    Stage West is accepting art portfolio submissions for its 41st Season gallery spaces.

    Selected artists’ work will be displayed in four to six-week spots between October 2019 – September 2020. Between one and four artists will be featured per show during the Stage West 41st season.

    Paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, quilts, 3-D wall-friendly art, etc. All work should be framed and/or finished and presented in a professional manner.

    6-18 artists will be selected to be featured throughout the season. Yes, you can submit to be considered again if you have previously shown at Stage West. *

    Submit the following to dana [at] (subject: 41st%20Season%20Art) with “41st Season Art” in the subject line. Deadline for submission is September 30, 2019

    What to send to Dana:

    • 3-5 images of your work
    • Sizes and Mediums for work being proposed for display
    • A general total of the number of items you would like to display
    • A description of the framing/display method you intend to use – each wall has a built in airplane wire/sliding hook system.

    Information about Stage West? Please visit or call Dana Schultes at 817-338-1777 or send her an email at dana [at] (subject: 41st%20Season%20Art)

    *There is no guarantee of a gallery spot. Submittal rates have averaged 4 artists for every 1 spot available.

    Thursday, July 18, 2019