Our Commitment to Dismantling the Systems That Feed Racism

In the service of dismantling the systems that feed racism and anti-blackness, Stage West commits to:

• Listening more to the needs of people of color, queer, and differently-abled communities and speaking less in moments of learning.

• Deepening bonds with people of color in the wider community by nurturing meaningful relationships. 

• Engaging in a vendor audit to make sure that all of the businesses we support are working towards anti-racism.

• Increasing ways to center stories and artists of color in our work with esteem and integrity in season planning, creative teams, development, and education.

• Providing ongoing opportunities for anti-racism training and education for all staff and board.

• Creating mindful avenues that provide opportunities to our artists of color, working towards racial equity, reflective in board, staff, and artists.

• All of this will be done with transparency and accountability.

We realize that our communities of color expect better from us, and we will continue to do our part to make sure that Stage West is a welcoming, safe, and affirmative artistic home to experience thought-provoking, entertaining, and inspiring stories that celebrate our differences and unite us in our shared humanity.


Thursday, June 18, 2020