Peek Behind the Scenes

First Rehearsal

Every show begins with the cast and creative team gathering for design presentations and a first read-through. This is often the first time everyone is in the room together and is the seed from which all else grows! Premium season ticket holders  are welcomed to the table where they will get a first-hand look at the process while also enjoying treats and drinks.

Ada and the Engine First Rehearsal; First Rehearsal audience (photo: Cristian Argueta Soto, Fort Worth Report); First Rehearsal snacks

Tech Rehearsal 

Tech rehearsals are when the magic really begins! Lights, sound, costumes… everything is added in those last few days before opening, and our premium season ticket holders get insider access to those final days through an invitation to arrive at the top of rehearsal and stay for as long as desired while the actors, director, designers and stage manager finish the crafting of the play.