In Search of the Sublime

An online, interactive performance. With jokes.
Feb 23 2021 to Mar 21 2021

You’re on the run, you’re chasing a feeling - any feeling. You stop to catch your breath. Suddenly, you are on a stage in a body that looks exactly like and nothing like your own. You are surrounded by four peculiar strangers and a cheeky announcer who are trying to conjure something...monumental. And they can’t do it without you.

Using suggestions from the online audience, the cleansing power of running, and some truly excellent music, you join in weaving together tales of terror and awe in a concerted effort to achieve The Sublime. Part-poem, part-story, part-something else altogether, this interactive live-online experience asks one question - can you feel it?

NOTE:  A list of objects to bring with you on your search for the sublime (Not strictly required, but definitely experience-enhancing. No participation is required of the audience if they wish not to participate.)


Plays Feb 23-Mar 21. 
In Search of the Sublime is presented virtually. Please purchase a ticket for each individual who will be viewing the performance. 

FAQ about Streaming & Participation 

Written and directed by:

Kara-Lynn Vaeni

Created by:

Victoria A. Cruz (Poet 2)
Olivia de Guzman (Poet 5)
Kelsey Milbourn (Understudy)
Shyama Nithiananda (Poet 1)
Galen Sho Sato (Poet 4)
Mitchell Stephens (Understudy)
Garret Storms (Poet 3)

Performance Schedule: 

In Search of the Sublime runs
Feb 23 through Mar 21
Thursdays 7:30pm
Fridays & Saturdays 8:00pm
Sundays 3:00pm
Note: listed times are CST, or GMT-6, through Mar 13
Mar 14-21 times are CDT, or GMT-5

Production Staff: 

Production Staff

Director: Kara-Lynn Vaeni
Asst. Director: Mikaela Brooks
Production Manager: Tiffany Cromwell
Asst. Production Manager: Sabrina Alegria
Lighting Designer: Bryan Stevenson
Scenic/Props Designer: Allen Dean
Costume Designer: Yvonne Johnson
Sound Designer: Kellen Voss
Choreography:  Kelsey Milbourn and Mitchell Stephens
Videographer: Richard Massey
Text Animation: Karry Liu 
Video Projection Design: Evan Michael Woods
Production Assistant: Flower Avila 
Production Management Understudy: Tess Dailey
Presented by Stage West Theatre
Executive Producer: Dana Schultes
Managing Director: Mark Shum
Produced by Moonrise Initiative

Performance Safety: 

Read an overview of our health and safety protocols