What the Tech? How to do Simple Costume Mending

Aug 8 2020

Ever looked at the set or lights, costumes or sound in a show and thought “How in the TECH?!” 

Flower Avila, education stage manager and occasional assistant stage manager of Stage West Theatre, will be showing you how to do some simple garment mending, including how to properly sew a button onto a jacket and fix a tear or rips in fabric.

Throughout the video, Flower shares sewing tips like how to find the perfect thread length, the importance of matching the thread color to the color of the fabric, and horror stories of what goes on backstage. Though she's sewing a button to a jean jacket, this basic clothing mending technique can be used to reattach buttons to any piece of clothing. And while she is patching up a hole in the jacket, this seam repair is commonly used for pants pockets in theatre. Remember, audience members are generally at least six feet away from the actors on stage, so quick repairs that help hold up the costume or garment are things every stage manager or asm should keep in their back pocket!